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Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

Wash and Wax: Add protection and shine to your car’s paint

Get that new Wash and Wax look and feel from trusted professionals!

Do you ever notice little imperfections, chips or scratches on your car after a car wash or detailing service? Do you notice the shine and gloss of your paint fading? Have you noticed that your car’s paint feels rough?


Then Mobile Car Detailing Sydney is the service for you.

Wash and Wax steps


Door jamb clean


Pre-wash lubrication stage


Bug, tar and bird poo removal


Iron decontamination stage


Microfibre towel dry to ensure no scratches or swirls


Hydrophobic sealant application


Detail wheels, tyres and wheel inner barrel


Snow foam preparation stage


Hand wash exterior of car including fuel cap area


Clay bar decontamination of all paint panels and glass


Blow dry vehicle to remove excess water in crevices, nooks or crannies


Exterior glass cleaning


Tyre dressing

A car that has undergone our Wash and Wax service will return extremely clean with an added shine and protection to your car’s paint from the unpredictable Sydney weather.


Some of our Mobile Car Detailing Sydney customers are also delighted when they feel the newfound smoothness and shine that their car paint has.

Who benefits most from a Wash and Wax?

Our Wash and Wax service is for the person who wants to take care of their vehicle properly. 


This service is also for the new car owner, who wants to start the life of their vehicle properly - with the right washing methods, decontamination and protection of the exterior. 


If you want a full transformation of your car, both exterior and interior, have a look at our Full Interior Detail page. 


Our customers often speak about the efficiency of this service; exceeding expectations in time and cost.

When should someone get this service?

In Sydney’s environment, a Mobile Car Detai should be undertaken roughly every 2-6 months to effectively maintain the condition of your car’s paint. 


This is because using wax, sealant, a clay bar or decontamination chemicals is not necessary for every wash and should be used for thorough exterior detail services.

Simple pricing

Pricing is determined by the size, condition and type of vehicle


(2 seat Sedan/Hatchback)




(5 seat sedan/Small SUV)







Benefits of our Wash and Wax Detail

Better paint protection and appearance than a car wash can achieve

A car wash can only remove dirt and grime and other substances that are on top of your car’s paint. 


When a vehicle receives a car wash, bonded contaminants from road film, micro dirt, small metal shavings etc. are not removed. Indeed, in some cases through the wash process, these can be further embedded into the car’s paint. 


That's why it is essential to periodically clay bar and decontaminate, so that contaminants can be removed without damaging your car’s paint. 

Check our our Wash and Wax gallery to see some of our fantastic transformations!

Minimises scratches

Contaminants are not always permanently embedded into your car’s paint.


If they break free, they have the potential to damage your car, especially when the car is being towel dried, buffed or waxed. 


By removing contaminants that are on the surface and embedded in your car paint before buffing, protecting or waxing your car, you are minimising further damage through swirls and/or scratches.

Black Lexus RX350 after being detailed parked in a driveway

Increases resale value

The better your car’s condition when you resell, or trade, the more it will sell for. A car with faded paint, swirls and scratches will only bring the resale value down. However, a well maintained, clean car will improve the resale value of your vehicle.

If you want to increase the resale value even further, check out our Headlight Restoration page.

Improved wax and seal bond

The bond between the wax or seal chemical can be improved by removing embedded contaminants on the vehicle paint, before the wax or seal (including ceramic coating) application.


This is because the chemicals are made to bond between the paint and chemical, and when a foreign material is between the two, the bond is compromised and the effectiveness of the wax or seal is reduced.

Mobile Car Detailing Sydney FAQs

What is the scheduling/booking process?

All you need to do is click here


You can also reach us through email at or through Instagram or Facebook.

Are you mobile or shop-based?

We are a fully Mobile Car Detailing service, coming to your home or office in Sydney.

What areas do you service?

We mainly service within the Sydney metropolitan area.


We focus our work within these areas of Sydney. Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore, Parramatta, Sydney CBD, St George, Northern Beaches, Sutherland Shire and Upper North Shore.

We also service outside these areas with a travel surcharge.

How long does the service take?

The service length is dependent on the size, condition and type of vehicle. It can take anywhere between 2-4 hours roughly.

How long does the wax last?

The longevity of the wax depends on your car's use. 


If it is left outside, exposed to the elements it could last roughly between 2-3 months. If it is parked under cover and maintained correctly, the wax can last roughly between 3-6 months.

Check our our Wash and Wax gallery!

Will this service remove scratches?

From the human eye the wax or sealant will remove some scratches as the wax will fill up some of the holes in paint that appear as scratches. This is what creates the shine. 


However to fully remove scratches, our Paint Correction services are recommended.

Do you need access to water & electricity?

For our Mobile Car Detailing services we do need access to water & electricity to conduct the service. If you do not have access to these, let us know and we can work around it.

What type of payment do you prefer?

We prefer cash. However, we can also receive payment through card.

What is your wet/extreme weather protocol?

We can work through most wet weather situations with our portable gazebo. However, in the case of extreme weather we will message you to reschedule the service.



"Contacted Foam Car Washing after needing a detail for my car as I’m preparing to sell it. I contacted them and their communication throughout the process was incredible. Amazing customer service!They came to my house to work on my vehicle. This was so convenient as I have a very busy life and not having to go to a shop and wait saved me a lot of time and stress. York took his time on my vehicle and it shows. He was very meticulous in his process and the car was looking very good once finished. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Foam Car Washing!!"

Service areas

We mainly service the Sydney Metropolitan area, including the areas below. Special requests from outside this area can be made by contacting us.

Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Sydney Inner West

Sydney Northern Beaches


Sydney North Shore

Sydney Upper North Shore

Sydney CBD

Sutherland Shire


Previous work

Here is a selection of our most recent work. Click here to view our full Wash and Wax gallery.

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