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White Porsche Panamera Car with car soap covered on the streeet

Mobile Car Wash Sydney

Premium maintenance wash for a clean car

A fully mobile operation, we come to you, making car washing hassle free and convenient

Do you want to keep your car clean, spotless and pristine? Do you want to bring joy back into using and driving your car? Do you want a car wash from trusted and experienced professionals? Do you want to clean your car for a special occasion?


Then our Mobile Car Wash in Sydney is the service for you.

Premium Wash steps


Door jamb clean


Snow foam preparation


Hand wash exterior of car - including fuel cap area


Clean wheel face and tyres


Minor bug, tar and bird poo removal


Microfibre towel dry to ensure no scratches or swirls


Exterior glass cleaning

The end product of our Mobile Car Wash is a vehicle that is cleaned and maintained to a professional level. You will receive a shiny, clean car which you can be proud of.

Who benefits most from our Mobile Car Wash?

This service is for the car that is used as an everyday vehicle to get from A to B, and is not covered in a thick layer of dirt, mud and grime. If you are looking for a more extensive clean, shine and protection, check our Wash & Wax service.

When should someone get the Premium Wash?

Our Premium Wash is perfect for a fortnightly or monthly maintenance Mobile Car Wash. With the small layers of dust, road film, bird-poo, tar, mud and dirt that can accumulate on your car from the Sydney weather, it is well worth washing you car regularly to maintain the quality of your car's exterior.

For complete regular maintenance of your car, our Mini-Interior Detail is perfect to pair with our Premium Wash to maintain your cars interior and exterior shine.

Simple pricing

Pricing is determined by the size, condition and type of vehicle


(2 seat Sedan/Hatchback)




(5 seat sedan/Small SUV)







Benefits of our Premium Car Wash

Good way to maintain car cleanliness

You don’t deserve to be driving around in a car which you aren’t proud of. Whether it's dirty because it's unmaintained, you don't have enough time, or you don't know how to clean or maintain your car, our Sydney Mobile Car Wash is a great solution and provides a thorough everyday clean of your car. If you want a professional clean for the interior and exterior of your car, check out our Full Interior Detail or an Engine Bay Detail services.

Better than a self service, machine operated car wash

Unlike cheap self service, machine operated car wash services, we offer a Detailed Mobile Car Wash throughout Sydney which will protect your car's paint from swirls and imperfections.


Moreover, by offering a high quality service through the use of proper wash and drying techniques, we achieve better results than an automated cheap car wash.

Increases life of car

A high level, professional Mobile Car Wash or detail will increase the lifespan of the car.


By regularly cleaning your car's paint, wheels, windows as well as other important areas, you reduce the chances of dirt, road-film and grime, wearing away the body of your car slowly.

Black Mercedes AMG GLE V8 Parked in a driveway very clean and shiny

Safer vehicle

Navigating Sydney roads and traffic can be very difficult. With a good quality car wash, your car will also become a safer vehicle to drive. By making your windscreen, rear windshield, windows and side mirrors clean, you will increase your outward visibility from the car, making your decision making faster & sharper.

If you want to make your vehicle even more safer, check out our Headlight Restoration page!

Sydney Mobile Car Wash FAQs

What is the scheduling and booking process?

​The easiest way to contact us is here! Alternatively, you can contact us through email at, phone at 0447862007 or contact us through Instagram.

Are you mobile or shop-based?

​We are a Sydney based Mobile Car Wash service. We come to you at your home or office.

What areas do you service?

We service the areas of the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore, Parramatta, Sydney CBD, St George, Northern Beaches, Sutherland Shire and Upper North Shore. Beyond these areas, we do make some exceptions on a case-by-case basis, based on the location of the vehicle and other criteria.

Does this service include wax or sealant?

​This service does not use a traditional wax or sealant. A traditional wax or sealant is a medium-term form of protection for the vehicle, that usually lasts between 3-6 months. Included in the Premium Wash is a spray wax, a short term form of protection that will last a few weeks. For a wax or sealant application, see our Wash and Wax page.

How long does this service take?

​The duration of this service depends on the size, condition and type of vehicle. However, this service usually takes anywhere between 45 to 70 minutes.

Do you need access to water & electricity?

Yes, we do need access to water & electricity for this service. We can also make special arrangements for customers who cannot provide these utilities.

What type of payment do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment is cash. Alternatively, we do accept cash payment as well.

What is your wet/extreme weather protocol?

In the case of wet weather, we normally still continue with our scheduled services as we will use our portable gazebo. However in the case of extreme weather, we will message you to reschedule the service.



"Contacted Foam Car Washing after needing a detail for my car as I’m preparing to sell it. I contacted them and their communication throughout the process was incredible. Amazing customer service!They came to my house to work on my vehicle. This was so convenient as I have a very busy life and not having to go to a shop and wait saved me a lot of time and stress. York took his time on my vehicle and it shows. He was very meticulous in his process and the car was looking very good once finished. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Foam Car Washing!!"

Service areas

We mainly service the Sydney Metropolitan area, including the areas below. Special requests from outside this area can be made by contacting us.

Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Sydney Inner West

Sydney Northern Beaches


Sydney North Shore

Sydney Upper North Shore

Sydney CBD

Sutherland Shire


Previous work

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