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Your Car Detailing Sydney Specialists

Get Sydney’s best Car Detailing experience at Foam Car Washing. We have you covered! Get your Car Detailed by trusted, passionate and experienced detailing professionals.

Juggling work commitments, personal life, family life often leaves Car Detailing and car maintenance neglected for many Sydneysiders. Travelling to a Car Detailing or Car Wash shop and waiting is often out of the question as people go about their busy daily lives. This can leave your vehicle dirty and in a poor driving state.

The Solution...
Foam Car Washing, Sydney's Car Detailing Professionals! 

With Foam Car Washing, you no longer have to wait for your car to be cleaned. We clean at your home or office location, with no sacrifices in the quality Car Detailing! Instead of waiting around for your car to be serviced, you can focus on your priorities so that you can spend more time on the things that you like!

Our Most Popular Car Detailing Services

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Our Wash and Wax is an extensive exterior Car Detailing service. It includes a meticulous exterior detail, with a layer of wax or sealant added to protect the car from Sydney's dirt, grime and road film.

Noticing little imperfections, chips or scratches on your car after a car wash or detailing service? Do you notice the shine and gloss of your paint fading? Have you noticed that your car’s paint feels rough? Then this is the service for you.

Our most extensive interior Car Detailing service we offer. This service will transform the interior of your car from top to bottom so that you can experience the 'new car feeling' again. 

With great industry experience, Sydneysider trust Foam Car Washing to deal with vehicles in any situation, even if they think their interior is too far gone.

White Volvo XC60 shiny and cleaned in garage with light on
Porsce Panamera grey interor detailed and clean from the backseat

Our Premium Wash is perfect for a fortnightly or monthly maintenance Car Detail. With the small layers of dust, road film, bird-poo, tar, mud and dirt that can accumulate on your car from the Sydney weather, it is well worth washing you car regularly to maintain the quality of your car's exterior.

This service includes a hand wash, wheel and tyre detail, door jamb clean, bug, tar and bird poo removal, exterior glass cleaning and a hydophobic sealant application

Other Detailing Services

Mini-Interior Detail

The perfect interior maintenance Detail. Cleaned to a professional standard, revitalising your car's interior by vacuuming, cleaning and protecting your car.

Headlight Restoration

Fully transform your Headlights from foggy and hazy to shiny and clear! Keep your Headlights protected from the Sydney weather for years.

Engine Bay Detail

A meticulously cleaned Engine Bay that has been detailed with the proper and safe cleaning methods, eliminating corrosion, dust and other damage.



"Contacted Foam Car Washing after needing a detail for my car as I’m preparing to sell it. I contacted them and their communication throughout the process was incredible. Amazing customer service!They came to my house to work on my vehicle. This was so convenient as I have a very busy life and not having to go to a shop and wait saved me a lot of time and stress. York took his time on my vehicle and it shows. He was very meticulous in his process and the car was looking very good once finished. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Foam Car Washing!!"

Car Detailing Trusted by Sydneysiders

Foam Car Washing is the best and favorite provider of premium Car Detailing in Sydney. With unparalleled customer service, countless 5 star reviews, detailing results and mobile convenience, you can be rest assured that your vehicle's Car Detailing needs will be exceeded with Foam Car Washing.

Since COVID-19, there has been an epochal shift towards an increase in the number of people working from home. This has meant that service-based businesses like Foam Car Washing have shifted towards providing mobile and home based services so that customers can access their services as well as be more efficient and get more done in their day. With Foam Car Washing - a Car Detail near me can come right to your doorstep! Providing mobile based services, Car Detailing in Sydney has never been easier by providing convenient detailing to your doorstep from the trusted, professional and experienced team at Foam Car Washing!

At Foam Car Washing, we offer a wide range of services from your in & out mobile car wash and vacuum, to a maintenance Car Detail to your full presale/restorative Car Details. Whether you’re looking to get your family workhorse car, weekend driver, daily driver, project car, track car, classic car or commercial fleet detailed - we are the choice for you!


Our Wash & Wax service offers a top quality full exterior wash, chemical and mechanical decontamination of the paint, application of sealant, full wheel clean including the inner barrel and a door jamb clean.


Our Premium Wash offers a maintenance exterior detail option, with a full exterior wash and wax clean, wheel clean, exterior window clean and a door jamb clean.


Our Full Interior Detail is our most extensive interior Car Detail, where we clean your vehicle from top to bottom, front to back. This service includes a full carpet shampoo extraction of seats, floors and floor mats. This service also includes a thorough interior vacuum with pet hair and sand removal, an interior detailing of all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces, boot jamb clean as well as an interior window clean.


Our Mini-Interior Detail is our maintenance interior detail option, with a thorough interior vacuum, wipedown of all interior surfaces, detailing of the console/dashboard area, an interior window clean and a boot jamb clean.

Our Headlight Restoration restores dull, hazy or yellowish headlights to a pair of shiny, clear and protected headlights. Our Engine Bay Detail, is a vital part of car care as it is a careful detailing of your engine bay, to limit damage and wear.


If you need your car or fleet to be kept clean or to be maintained to a professional standard on a daily basis, then Foam Car Washings’ maintenance Car Detailing packages is perfect for you! We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly detailing packages, with discounts up to 40% per service. Contact us if you’re interested in our maintenance packages or if you have any questions!


Founded and run by car enthusiasts, we understand the needs and expectations that enthusiasts have in ensuring that their car is kept sparkling clean, inside and out. We ensure the highest quality of Car Detailing in Sydney by combining the proper tools, equipment, technique with our unmatched experience to ensure that your car is taken care of properly.

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