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Kia Rio Car Interior showing front seat drivers side with steering wheel and console

Mobile Car Cleaning Sydney

Thorough cleanup for your vehicle

Professional Mobile Car Cleaning in Sydney using the proper tools, equipment and methods

For most people, their car is the second biggest investment they make in their lives, and is the most used form of transportation. More often than not, it also reflects their attitude towards cleanliness and hygiene.


If cars are such a big part of our daily lives, it only makes sense to do the car its due diligence by cleaning the interior regularly to make sure it looks its best. 

Foam Car Washings' Mini-Interior Detail is the perfect solution for just that! A swift but in-depth Mobile Car Cleaning, that leaves your cars interior spotless, shiny and clean.

Mini-Interior Detail steps


Initial inspection & removing any loose items or debris


Light interior vacuum - boot, mats, carpets, seats and under seats


Detailing of dashboard and console area


Light boot jamb clean


Minor wipedown of interior surfaces - trim, door panel, console etc.


Interior windows cleaned


Final inspection

The end result of this service will have your vehicle cleaned to a professional standard. Using the proper tools, equipment and methods, we can ensure that you will be pleased with the car that is returned to you.

This service does not include any embedded sand or dirt removal, pet hair removal, shampooing or extraction. If you would like these included in your Mini-Interior Detail, there will be an additional fee. Alternatively, check out our Full Interior Detail with Full shampoo and carpet extraction, as well as embedded sand, dirt, pett hair removal!

Who benefits most from a Mini-Interior Detail?

This service is for any type of vehicle that needs a maintenance Mobile Car Cleaning in Sydney. This service will revitalise your car's interior by vacuuming, cleaning and protecting your car.


If your car has heavy amounts of stains, spills, pet hair or general uncleanliness, then I suggest you check our Full-Interior Detail page.

When should someone get this service?

Similar to our Premium Wash, our Mini-Interior Detail service is best when aiming to maintain a clean standard in your car, ensuring the car smells and looks nice.


This service is best paired with our Premium Wash, as they make a great interior & exterior maintenance detail combination. 

Simple pricing

Pricing is determined by the size, condition and type of vehicle


(2 seat Sedan/Hatchback)




(5 seat sedan/Small SUV)







Benefits of our Mini-Interior Detail

Safer interior environment

Through extended daily use, your vehicle can end up being home to millions of germs and bacteria, putting your health and safety at risk.


Whether your car is used for work, family, leisure or a combination, all require regular Interior Car Cleaning to retain the safety of the users and the state of the interior. Our Mini-Interior Detail can combat these issues effectively as they use antibacterial products to disinfect and sanitise your car’s interior.


Moreover, the enclosed space of a car’s interior is the perfect place for dirt, dust and debris to build up and potentially cause low air quality and in extreme cases heighten allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important to regularly clean your car’s interior to avoid dangerous health issues and low indoor air quality.

Pest control

The combination of dirt, dust, debris, crumbs and wrappers can create a safe haven for pests such as cockroaches, spiders and ants to set up camp in your car.


By cleaning the interior of you car, you can remove the debris from your car, but also potential pests.


Furthermore, cleaning your car’s interior can be a proactive measure, by preventing serious issues that pests can create such as nesting, damages to electrical systems as well as engine and other system components.

Protecting excessive wear and tear

Your cars interior has all different kinds of materials, including plastic, leather, vinyl, fabric etc.


If neglected, these delicate surfaces can be damaged and lead to wear and tear beyond their normal rate.


It is important for a Mobile Car Cleaning specialist to clean your car as the different materials used in Interior Car Cleaning grant expert products and attention to clean properly. 

Mercedes AMG GLE V8 dark Clean drivers seat

Minor stain removal and prevention

Stains can cause your car to look extremely dirty and unmaintained. If left unattended, stains sink deeper into your car, becoming exceptionally hard to remove and extract from your car.

By regularly cleaning your car’s interior you can remove stains easily as they do not have time to sink into the material.

This service is great for recent stains, which haven't had time to seep deeper into the fabric. 

If you have deep stains or require more extensive stain removal, head to our Full Interior Detail page.

Retain car value

Regularly cleaning your car's interior is one of the best ways to retain the value of your car. Cars are depreciating assets, therefore, retaining the value of the car is paramount to slow down the depreciating process as much as possible.


With the proper care and expertise of a Mobile Car Cleaning specialist, retaining your car's value can be successfully achieved.

Mobile Car Cleaning Sydney FAQs

What is the scheduling/booking process?

Scheduling is done by clicking here! If it is easier, you can also phone us at 0447862007, contact us through email at or our Instagram.

Are you mobile or shop-based?

We are a mobile operating business, coming to your home, office or location of choice.

What areas do you service?

We focus our work within these areas of Sydney. Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore, Parramatta, Sydney CBD, St George, Northern Beaches, Sutherland Shire and Upper North Shore. We can also serve the greater Sydney area, with a travel surcharge added.

How long does the service take?

Our Mini-Interior Detail duration varies vehicle to vehicle. The service usually takes no more around sixty to ninety minutes, based on the size, condition and type of the vehicle.

Do you need access to water & electricity?

We require access to water & electricity to be able to complete our services. If you are unable to supply outputs to water & electricity, let us know during the booking process so that we can make an arrangement.

What type of payment do you prefer?

We prefer cash payment. We accept card payment as well.

Can you clean a specific stain, seat, blemish?

Yes. Although this is a maintenance service, we can definitely discuss cleaning a specific section if requested, at an additional cost. We’re here to help!

Will this service remove odours from the vehicle?

Although this service does include a wipedown and thorough vacuum, the probability of odours being removed is very low. The process of removing odours from a vehicle is very different from cleaning and vacuuming car interiors and is much more extensive than this service.

What is the difference between a Mini-Interior Detail and Full Interior Detail?

Our Mini-Interior Detail is an upkeep Mobile Car Cleaning service and is a maintenance clean of your vehicle. A Full Interior Detail is our most comprehensive interior Mobile Car Cleaning service. We clean your car from top to bottom, front to back to the best condition possible. 


If you’re not sure of which service to get, simply get in contact with us through our contact us section, email at, phone or text us at 0447862007 or get into contact with us through Instagram


If you want to make the process easier, include some photos of the interior so we can provide the best advice for which service to pick.

What is your wet/extreme weather protocol?

With our portable gazebo, we do not need to reschedule bookings in most wet weather conditions. If the weather doesn’t permit us to work under a gazebo, we will message you prior to reschedule the service, or discuss it at the point of service.



"Contacted Foam Car Washing after needing a detail for my car as I’m preparing to sell it. I contacted them and their communication throughout the process was incredible. Amazing customer service!They came to my house to work on my vehicle. This was so convenient as I have a very busy life and not having to go to a shop and wait saved me a lot of time and stress. York took his time on my vehicle and it shows. He was very meticulous in his process and the car was looking very good once finished. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Foam Car Washing!!"

Service areas

We mainly service the Sydney Metropolitan area, including the areas below. Special requests from outside this area can be made by contacting us.

Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Sydney Inner West

Sydney Northern Beaches


Sydney North Shore

Sydney Upper North Shore

Sydney CBD

Sutherland Shire


Previous work

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